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Franchise Opportunity with 1st Mags

With our two new Franchises off to a fantastic start I am pleased to offer potential business minded people the opportunity to embark on a '1st Mags Franchise'.

In the first instance please enquire by either by calling me direct on 07581 366 873 or emailing me your details to:

This is a low outlay, cost efficient, tried and tested business model and I am looking for energetic, hard working individuals to share my opportunity and grow my organisation.

Ideally a background in sales, customer service and computer literacy would be an advantage; however, enthusiasm, openness to learn and the will to succeed would be acceptable attributes for any applicant....... so if you have no sales background but are looking for a challenging and rewarding new venture please apply.  

               (Please note there is no guarantee that application and presentation of the initial fee will automatically enable any person to take on this Franchise opportunity - acceptence is strictly at the discretion of the Franchisor) 

Full training and ongoing support are included in this opportunity and be sure that I want all my Franchisees to succeed...

So, do you know what a Franchise is???? 

What is Franchising??

Franchising is a way of doing business. It is a method and marketing tool for companies to expand their market share more rapidly and less expensively.

Some companies, which are thought to franchises, are in fact not franchises. All stores are owned and operated by the company itself (ex. Starbucks, Gap, Victoria's Secret).

There are three basic types of franchises:

1. Distributorships, which grant the right to sell their parent company's product(s) such as auto dealerships (Toyota, Ford, GM, Mercedes, etc).

2. Trademark or brand name licensing, which gives the licensees the right to use the parent company's trademark or brand in conjunction with the operation of their own business ie. beverages (CocaCola) and sport franchises (Miami Dolphins, New York Yankees, etc).

3. Business format franchises, the type most people are familiar with (1st Mags, Subway, Harley Davidson, McDonalds).

Business format franchisors offer to their franchisees the license or right to sell its goods or services and/or use its business techniques.

The franchisees usually pay an initial fee to acquire this right, and thereafter pay a set monthly fee or percentage of their gross sales to the franchisor throughout the term of their franchise contract.

In return for these payments, franchisees gain priveleges, including the right to sell a proven and recognized product or service, to use the franchisor's business practices, and to receive initial training and ongoing support.

Additonal responsibilities can and usually do include:

1. Requirements to meet a variety of quality controls for products and services sold.

2. Restrictions on what they can sell or how they can operate using the company's name.

3. Specifications for their business location and site appearance.

4. Prohibitions on the operation of any similar businesses during or after the term of the franchise agreement.

Franchisees usually have an advantage over their nonfranchisee competitors, since they have the rights to use the franchisor's:

1. Brand names, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and patents.

2. Uniform logos, storefronts, and interiors.

By following the franchisor's business practices and offering products that meet the company's standards, franchisees can consistently provide customers with quality goods and services.


Are you intersted in finding out more??

The please give me a call - Paula on 07581 366 873 or 01246 828074 / 828378










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